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Smile RCM - An Update . . .

Just thought I would update you with a couple of additions and a nice long list of what I have . . . so far . . .

Amstrad CPC464
Amstrad MegaPC (Megadrive built into a PC!)
Atari STe
Atari Lynx (v2)
Atari 2600 (6 switch)
Atari 2600 (4 switch black (darth))
Atari 2600 (new version)
Atari Jaguar
Commodore Vic20
Commodore +4
Commodore 16
Commodore 64
Commodore 64c
Commodore 128
Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Amiga 600
Commodore Amiga 1200
Commodore Amiga 2000
Commodore CD32
Sinclair ZX80
Sinclair ZX81
Sinclair Spectrum 16k
Sinclair Spectrum 48k
Sinclair Spectrum 48k+
Sinclair Spectrum 128k
Sinclair Spectrum +2A
Sinclair Spectrum +2B
Sinclair Spectrum +3
Sinclair QL
Memotech MTX512
Acetronic Games System
Gamepark GP32
Nintendo NES
Nintendo SNES
Nintendo N64
Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo Gameboy Pocket
Nintendo Gameboy Color
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Gamecube
Mattel Intellivision + Loads of hardware!
Acorn Electron
Acorn BBC Model B
Sega Mastersystem 1
Sega MegaDrive
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Gamegear
Sega Genesis Nomad
Sony PSOne
Apple Mac II Classic
Apple Mac 4400
Apple Mac 7200
Apple Mac G3
Apple Mac G4

+ different versions of the above . . . and quite a few I have missed!!

Still looking for loads of stuff . . . Sam Coupe, Dragon 32 or 64 and loads of Atari machines as well as a couple of Commodores (Pet, CDTV, Amiga 300 and Amiga 4000) . . . I can dream!

Anyway - still looking for premises . . . I will keep you updated!

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