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My first Amiga was a A500 with an external Supra Ram expansion with 1 Mb; external Floppy Drive , also Supra, and a Commodore internal 512 kbytes ram expansion with real time clock, i also had a 1085S monitor(wich i still have), but this one i bought only 2 years after the A500.

I used the Amiga 500 for about 3 years, then i gave it to a friend and bought a A1200 with a Phase 5 Blizzard IV 30@50mhz, i used it for a year or so, then i packed it all in card boxes where it rested until 2 months ago.It was packed for 8 years. I now intend to give more use to it.
My current configuration is:

A1200 with Blizzard 30@50 mhz with 32Mb ram.
Micronik Floppy Drive 880k/1.76Mb
Pcmcia/CF Transcend Adapter with 2 Gb Sandisk CF Card.
40 Gbytes Hitachi 2.5 HD with Idefix97 buffered adapter, running OS 3.9.
KickStart 3.1 rev 40.68

WhdLoad registered version, with all the WHDLoad Games and Demos i could find.( By the way i want to thank to KillerGorilla, Magix and Bert Jahn for making it possible), since most of my original games are damaged due to old age and bad storage.
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