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Originally Posted by frikilokooo View Post
I cannot avoid to compare Goal!(Amiga) Vs. Dino Dini Soccer(Megadrive).In this game Megadrive handles more colors in the sprites than in the Amiga.Amiga version only has 4 colors for each sprite!I guess that it is for being able to use more hardware sprites at the same time,the blitter(bobs) could have used but they are slower than the sprites.The conclusion is that the Megadrive seems to handle more colors in the sprites although the Amiga can use the blitter but is slower.

Attachment 16885 VS Attachment 16884
Can't agree with you, since there is no hardware problem blitting 23 64-color bobs and scrolling fullscreen in full framerate, with tons of time left for "AI".

About the comparison, yeah it's apples and pears. A brilliantly designed general-purpose chipset vs. a standard sprites-and-overlays chip (ho hum).

With the OCS, you could do 64 colors, but performance slowed to a crawl -- 16 colors is better and "visually acceptable" (Bitmap Brothers did a lot of awesome graphics with very few colors!)

The Megadrive ofc came 5 years or so later (!!!) and could have lots of sprites plus scrolling layers. But the chip wasn't as dynamic, so most of the MD games have the same visual style, whereas there was all manner of weird and wonderful things on the dynamic OCS.

What was Stunt Car Racer, Lemmings, Exile, flight sims etc like on the MD? (I really should look at more games on the MD, to me it was a few platformers and some race games and not much more, so I never got one at the time.)

Special-purpose chips are ofc better at what they do, and you can do a TON of different game ideas using just sprites-and-layers chips!
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