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Forgot to mention the PIII 400 Mhz machine with 128MB RAM and Winblows98SE that I got for $299 from another guy.

I got this system for my 7 year old son so he can play Starcraft, MAME & WinUAE. It keeps him off of my 1.2Ghz AMD Winblows XP/Linux box. He never did use the 200 Mhz PowerMac 5400 I got him so that got moved to the garage next to my 2nd SGI O2.

Busy week as far as buying computers goes. I only need an A2000, A3000, A4000D to complete my collection. I don't want an A500 since I already have a CDTV which is a fancy A500.

If I can find some more great deals Twistin'Ghost maybe I can hook you up for a low price on an Amiga. It may take a few weeks.
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