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I'm restarting this campaign. Well I mean I never really stopped, but now I need some help again.

Let's get this out of the way now: I have been in contact with Ralph Babel, but progress has been slow. However, I do not see this as a bad sign.

The reason I am asking for help again is this: I saw two targets for the Amiga Guru Book petition, but I only mentioned one, and to be honest I thought the 170 signature target might have been overly optimistic at first (before the numbers didn't stop going up).

The second signature target I saw was to surpass the number of people who had downloaded the infamous torrent, which is around 302 people now. At the time of writing this, the petition has reached 247 signatures even though I haven't done much to promote it since we reached the 170 target.

So, a couple of things:
1. Please don't download the torrent unless you're confident it'll be the only way to easily obtain the material in the near future (the book still could be published at this point, Ralph has not told me otherwise).
2. If you haven't signed the petition yet and want to see Amiga programmers get access to one of the best (maybe even THE best, according to owners of the book) Amiga programming resources around, sign the petition.

I am duplicating this message on the following Amiga websites (in alphabetical order):,,,,, (English Amiga Board),, I know this topic has been discussed on other Amiga forums, so please pass on this 'drumming up support' message to the places it needs to be heard. Also, does anyone know if there is a central point to discuss this issue with all those involved with UAE ports? The Amiga Guru Book should be handy for the emulation crew as well.

That's all for now. Sign on (you crazy diamonds!).

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