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Erm, I am collecting the set I reckon... I have a couple of A600s, a few A1200s, 2 A500s including the rarer red LED A500 and a couple of A500+.

One of the A600s is being modded Zetr0-style, with a 1Gb CF card, DVD/CD-RW laptop drive, a SCART socket to the rear above the audio sockets and possibly the 2Mb piggyback hack, to save space inside the already crowded case. Add a 2Mb fast ram PCMCIA card and a 3.1 ROM and that should just about cover it.

If rkauer's and Zetr0's accelerator comes along, I might even see if I can squeeze that in as well.

Most of the others are remaining standard, apart from memory upgrades.
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