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Originally Posted by blade002 View Post

@Spiff: I don't understand? Jim Power & Elf Mania used virtually the WHOLE screen! .. and if memory serves me, i think JP is overscan!?.. i will need to check that one. And as for the copper list... well that was a beautiful little trick the Amiga could pull off, and it made the demo scene back then ever MORE interesting and its like saying to a SNES owner "who cares about Mode7"
Yup, got back and checked, JP does actually use the "full" screen, impressive... it's off the small screen list and I hang my head in shame

My main point is still that most of the supercolour++ copper games where average games, some of the best amiga games would have benefited more from being able to push 320x240 16x2x2 playfields/colurs (if I understand the megadrive correctly), and that independent publishing brought out the real gems.

Coppers are a part of what gives stuff the amiga feel, and it works pretty well for battle squadron and Gods, a nice balanced palette and coppers used for hi-lights. But gradient backgrounds only gets you so far, the game design still suffers from being very colour limited in the sprites/front playfield. Jim power almost feels like quake for amiga, the same texture colour limitations.
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