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We lets just put it this way! A friend of mine back in 1990 got a Megadrive & i got an Amiga. After a few months of playing around with his console and grabbing every game he could for the year thereafter.. have a guess which machine he was playing the most!??..

THE AMIGA !!!.... He thought the games looked better, sounded better, just plain "better". And he used to always say to me that he wished he had an Amiga and not the MD .... And after playing games on his MD, i could not have agreed more!

@Spiff: I don't understand? Jim Power & Elf Mania used virtually the WHOLE screen! .. and if memory serves me, i think JP is overscan!?.. i will need to check that one. And as for the copper list... well that was a beautiful little trick the Amiga could pull off, and it made the demo scene back then ever MORE interesting and its like saying to a SNES owner "who cares about Mode7"

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