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Hi sidchip_fr, zetr0

Originally Posted by sidchip_fr View Post
But it would work with A2000/3000/4000 keyboards,not with A600/1200 ?
Just been looking at the minimig source, doesn't seem difficult to modify for using an Amiga Keyboard.

Issues will be:

1. If using an A4000 keyboard, the pinouts of the 6pin minidin match that of a PC PS/2 keyboard. will just plug in.

2. A2000/3000 keyboard will need a 5pin DIN to 6pin minidin adapter.

3. The keyboard connector on the minimig gets 5V (according to the schematic), so this is not really a problem.

As zetr0 mentioned, A500 keyboards will be easy to come by, and are electrically compatible , but you will have to make up an adapter yourself.

A600/A1200 keyboards are simply the matrix, with the corresponding electronics on the respective motherboards. Will be a lot of stuffing around to get this to work

Manual for the Keyrah does say that it will *NOT* work correctly with a USB->PS/2 adapter (in the technical details section)
I've never actually seen a keyrah, so don't know if this is correct or not (anyone?)

Have an A4000 keyboard here, so may start tinkering with minimig source to get this working.....

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