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Hmmmm my friend, i am not sure one could really say that the Amiga beats Megadrive in EVERY technical way.

OK, An expanded A1200 / 3000 or 4000, most certainly, but if we are fair here, the only thing on the market at the time the MegaDrive was released was infact the A500+ and as much as I love Amiga, I will say that even the A500+ had short comings. On a technical *Feature* level the A500+ and MD are kinda even, surprisingly when one cost £399 and the other only cost £189 on launch in 1989/90

the MD can produce more colours on screen during play than the A500+, however the MD is limited to only 2 screen modes. where the Amiga has only 4 channel 8bit (Mono Pan) Stereo, the MD has two synth Chips that can use DMA and are controlled by a Co-Processor (not the main CPU) think of the sound processing of the MD as similar to an ADLIB sound card (as that is pretty much what it is)

yes the MD has only 64K of RAM, but as Akira has been trying hard to express (bless him, i am sure after this thread he is a broken man), this limitation is not so prevalent as one might suggest as the Cartridge stores all the routines, graphics, sound everything.

In the end, the REAL truth is the MD is a wonderful bit of kit, and one I am glad to own, infact i own 2 of them plus a MD on an ASIC (MD3 ) for much hackery later

An Amiga will outperform a MD on productivity and longevity as cart technology will only go so far until you hit a physical or more so financial brick wall. where as with an Amiga its oooo add a ROM drive.... or ooooo add some RAM / CPU / Sound Car / gfx card.. although its all true, its hardly fair to compare a static console built in 1989 to a computer of 1995...

but its fun and we all get to learn something
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