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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
There is another way for us old skool 68k fans to run OS4 on our trusty steeds...

May I present the A-Max - yes, that's right a fully fledged and ageing Mac emulator card for Zorro equipped miggys...

Zetty is going to implant an entire imac onto the board and make it work - just like that...

no worries... it should only take..... two more weeks

to be honest though... at the moment i have very VERY little interest in MAC's, and if i was truthful, I never have... I don't buy into the style over substance which is what having a MAC is all about.

Lets look at the top (non-intel) line today, locked to a proprietary upgrade path, and you run an OS that arguably free on every platform.. (yes *nix)

I believe it was said correctly that

"those that own Mac's are infact 12 o-clock flashers..... every device in their house is flashing 12:00 "

OS4 isn't going to give Amiga a new lease of life, infact it will just compound the fact we are at the way side.... however.... a good linux and decent CPU will make you think your still motoring down the road
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