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I would agree that a the only way to run OS4 is on a "real" Amiga which is the reason why we loved the Amiga to begin with, but the reality is that we are never going to be able to run OS4 properly on a classic Amiga, so the only alternative would be to run it on hardware that is not Amiga based.

Although, like someone else said. I am not that bored to do it either... I run Windows XP & SUSE Linux right now and that is more than enough ( although its SUSE i use 95% if the time ). Running OS4 at its best on a proper MAC is never going to happen anyway, so not to knock the the original poster of the thread, i just don't see the point in starting it, when the time could be spent starting something that is applicable and can happen now.

No offense klx300r
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