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Hi Sidchip_fr,

Originally Posted by sidchip_fr View Post

I was wondering if it would be possible to connect a real amiga keyboard
to the MiniMig using the Keyrah interface from Individual Computers
The Keyrah is an USB interface who makes that a PC support a real amiga keyboard.
The question is if we use a keyboard adapter ps/2 -> USB,will the MiniMig
recognise the amiga keyboard ?

The interest would be to use a nice Amiga 600 case and keyboard for the
Could easily dispense with the Keyrah and PS/2->USB adapter.

Add a 5pin din keyboard adapter to the Minimig and modify the source to handle the Amiga keyboard.

Interface details for the Amiga keyboards are readily available (Abacus-System programmer's guide immediately comes to mind).

Would anyone else be interested in using a *REAL* Amiga keyboard with Minimig?

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