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Arrow I may regret this, but...

Disclaimer (in advance): I do NOT accept ANY responsibility for the following and I will provide NO support WHATSOEVER for it. If it works for you, hooray, if it doesn't, that's NOT my problem! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

That said, here's a little hack of the Firefox 3.0 (US) release with just a few lines of code changed to remove the interpolation of images altogether. The only other difference is that it thinks it's a "trunk build" (but don't worry, it is the official 3.0 release code) and is hence called "Minefield" and has a different default start page (if I can be bothered I might look into changing that eventually, I already made an attempt but I don't seem to fully understand the branding mechanism yet; I believe there are add-ons to change the window title as well, if you don't like it).

This 32-bit binary was built with Visual C++ 9.0 Express Edition, which is why it's built without ActiveX and Accessibility support (the Express Edition doesn't come with ATL headers and I didn't feel like installing another 1GB+ platform SDK), and you'll probably need the appropriate runtime libraries (if you don't already have them) which are available from here: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

I've only tested this on Windows Vista (32-bit) and recommend running it in the following way:
  • Install the official Firefox 3.0 release (if you haven't already) and make sure it's been started once, so you have a profile
  • Extract the archive somewhere else and create a link to the firefox.exe in there
  • Make sure the official Firefox is turned off (otherwise it will just open a new window) before you start it, then let it set itself as your default browser (or not)
This works well for me (automatically loading my profile with bookmarks, working add-ons, etc.), but again, if it doesn't work for you: TOUGH LUCK!

So here goes: An unofficial Firefox 3.0 build to remove the image zoom interpolation "feature" (hosted on )

By downloading this file you agree to LEAVE ME ALONE, no matter what happens.

I may or may not make updates for this until an official fix exists, and I reserve the right to completely ignore requests of any kind (someone else could probably do a much better job than I anyways).

Please understand this was just an experiment for my own use (and that I have no experience whatsoever with building and modifying Firefox; although the modification was very simple), and I'm only sharing it here because I thought it might be of some use to others who are frustrated with the blurry images (so long as it doesn't cause me any more effort ).

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