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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Hi Toni,

just a question, I was using v1.4.3 before so I skipped some updates. Anyway, compared to v1.4.3 the current version behaves different in P96 windowed mode. Example:

The window size is set to 800x600, display is set to "windowed" for both, RTG and native modes. Now, in v1.4.3. when I load Asm-Pro (display set to 640x480) the UAE window resizes to 640x480 which is perfect. In v.1.5.0 however, the UAE window is still 800x600 after ASM-Pro has been loaded which I don't like as it makes the text look blurry and stuff. Now my question is, did you change that behaviour on purpose or is it a bug or am I missing an option in the settings? I'd like to have the old behaviour (window resizing) back if possible.
Wrong thread I think. Yes, read the changelog
(There is checkbox in ram-panel)
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