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Thanks for the plugs guys... :)

Originally posted by tassy
thanks for info,
i have considered the cyclone cart but i figured getting my mitts on one would be difficult(although i havent tried yet!),am i wrong?,could anyone build me one if i have trouble getting one?,name your price(within reason).
Cyclone (& similar):
Yes, you can use Cyclone to back up your disks - and there are *very few* games that will not copy using this hardware. As people have said - it is not hard to make the dongle (a few wires switched).

AFAIK Cyclone will not back up the backups that it produces (a security mechanism). What do you do then? Another thing - Cyclone and similar solutions do not (as people may lead you to believe) copy the disks without making subtle changes to the content.

Also, how do you know if the disk you backed up did not already have errors on it?

CAPS Images:
The disk images produced by CAPS are 100% perfect representations of the original. Since they can be distributed over the net - they are also in a perpetual form, unlike floppy disks.

So far we have dumped 100% of the nearly 1000 original game disks that have been dumped so far. Well... apart from the disks that had errors on them obviously - these errors were "preserved" perfectly too.

Intense analysation is applied to make sure there are no errors or modifications were made to the disk after the original mastering (see the WIP pages for more information on how this is done).

When the mastering tools are completed - you will also be able to write most images back to disk again and no CAPS images will be released to the public until these tools are done - so people can start fixing their already broken originals as soon as we do start.

It should not be too long until the first load of images are released. But you can help now by increasing the library of original games currently waiting to be reverse-engineered (and then released).

If you are interested, please email:


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