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Re: Core Design

Originally posted by Tim Janssen
My contender for 'Worst softwarehouse -ever' is Free Spirit Software. They produced rubbish like Sex Vixens from Outerspace and Bravo Romeo Delta -but maybe this is for a possible Worst-softwarehouse -thread.
LOL!!! I agree. Free Spirit games were abysmal. Not a good one in the bunch that I can recall. Awful graphics, amateurish programming, even their product catalog in the boxes was a mere foldover leaflet printed with a cheap home printer. And even their boxes were crap with even crappier art. Two thumbs down!
Originally posted by Shatterhand
If you want to slag-off a company, slag Alternative, they were by far the worst softwarehouse on Amiga ever ...
They had their fair share of rubbish, but at least it didn't resemble bad shareware like Free Spirit. And they actually did put out some decent games (Suburban Commando, Dalek Attack, and Dinosaur Detective Agency). But they did release a lot of crap. I guess their thinking was that it was justified because it was budget. Imagine knowing you ran a company that was going to release budget games and only seeking software that was below par...hehehe!
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