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Why is the 68070 design like a "200Mhz 040"? Is it based on the 040 design, and if so,why isn't it based on the 060? I was under the impression that the 040 was more inofficient and incompatible compared to the 060 design. I remember 040s needed fans but 060s didn't, I hope the Natami doesn't need a fan. Will programs and games that are 060 optimised work on the Natami? I'm a bit confused, sorry.

Also, since the SuperAGA chipset is more capable than any Amiga graphics cards, will it be RTG as well? Will games that require a RTG graphics card (using Picasso or CyberGFX) work on and take advantage of the SuperAGA graphics? Or will these games be limited to using optional AGA modes, which many newer games don't even have?

Once the Natami is completed, how much extra hardware would be needed to add a modern PPC CPU and AmigaOS4 compatibility? And how would such a system compare to an AmigaOne?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'm just so interested and curious. I want to make games for this thing, and I hope many others will too. The fact that you can program your game the same way as you would have for any other Amiga game, but have all these extra abilities means people can jump straight into coding for it. Imagine, a system capable of arcade quality games that anyone can develop for, and it's not some overpowered, bloated, bogged down PC system, but a super efficient little chip-based Natami. You could market it to non-Amiga retro-gaming people as a whole new arcade game system, but with 20+ years of development and support behind it.
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