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Yeah. Games are made on a general platform, ported so they work (barely) and pushed for the different platforms. Just imagine what they could do with a PS3 / Xbox360 with the same level of optimizations we had for Amiga, Sega master system, and Nes.
Not all games are great, but big titles got proper optimization. You hardly ever had slowdowns due to lack of processing/rendering power, something that is fairly common in todays games. Compare pretty much any car racing game that is available or PC, and consoles, and you'll notice it. The consoles that should run flawless more as a rule then an exception runs slow, has choppiness, and so on. You get the exact same experience on the PC... If you run with to high settings. Cant change that on the consoles.
It's just stupid. Manufacturers care less about playability then looks, and it was the opposite "back in the day"

Running of topic, so I'll stop posting ;- )
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