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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
A console is a PC wrapped up so it's easier to use. Also, it's hardware is monolithic, so "everyone" can make software that more directly uses the hardware and hence is more optimized, producing a better result then what is possible when programing for a generic PC. However.. This kind of optimizations seams to have been completely neglected lately.
Hardware constrains used to be the NORM in the 80s and a bit in the 90s as well.
You have a Commodore 64/Atari 2600/Amiga 500, with whatever was the STOCK config, and you HAD to make software running for it, otherwise, big fail.

Nowadays, if the software doesn't run, tyou are prompted to waste your cash in an upgrade.

Hardware milking is an art only remaining in the oldschool demoscene (the PC demoscene doesn't have as much milking because they always get new hardware to try on AND THEY USE IT)

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