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Well, for what it's worth, they had a couple of Amigas for the local television network here until a few years back. I know, i cant tell how many times i saw the "insert disc" graphics on a TV somewhere. Usually on the ferry station, train station or alike while waiting for transportation. I also found out they still used an Amiga to do text overlays on the "Media" highschool classes. I actually were walking around in there and had to stop and ask why there was a mix of A500, A1000, A1500, and A2000 Amigas in a editors booth. Not sure if either is still in use, but 3-5 years ago, they were.

I have to agree with Akira tho. A console is a PC wrapped up so it's easier to use. Also, it's hardware is monolithic, so "everyone" can make software that more directly uses the hardware and hence is more optimized, producing a better result then what is possible when programing for a generic PC. However.. This kind of optimizations seams to have been completely neglected lately.
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