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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Amiga = PC
PS2-3, Xbox-360, Wii... = Consoles
But i'm not really certain as to what IS the actuall difference.
And to kind of end this pointless debate...

Any computer. can be used for whatever the fuck you want.
A games console is in fact a computer. So is a calculator, and so is even your microwave, or at least, has one inside.

What defines one computer device to be called videogame console, home appliance opr merely "computer"?

The focus is.
Video game consoles are computer devices created with the maion focus in videogaming.

Plain "computers" have been made with a more varied spectrum in mind, you can use them for games, but also for home accountancy, the internet, your homework, etc. "Computer" defines the most generic, multiaspect use of these machines.

That doens't mean you can't use a Wii to check the internet, word processing, etc.
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