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Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
All the visual effects for the first season of Babylon 5 were designed and rendered on an Amiga. Could a console do that? I think not.
Ah, one of the archetypical Amiga Zealot arguments that might have been OK in 1993, but ttoday are laughable.

The Amigas (high end ones at that, not your stock A500 or A1200 for sure :P) weree used ONLY in the pilot and first chapters (lack of budget), for visual effects.

"Babylon 5 was also one of the first television shows to use computer technology in creating visual effects, using Amiga-based Video Toasters at first, and later Pentium and DEC Alpha-based systems.[23]"

End the myth and stop the zealotry.
Value the Amiga for what it is and stop putting these strange god-mighty halos around it.
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