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Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
All the visual effects for the first season of Babylon 5 were designed and rendered on an Amiga. Could a console do that? I think not.
The PS2 was used in a supercomputer, handling science calculations, and high resolution visual renderings based on them. ClusterX proved the same could be done with a set of Xbox'es. The later was pretty much a P3/Celeron PC, we all know the hardware i assume?

Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
With that said, the latest generation of consoles, most notably the PS3, but to a lesser, more controlled extent, the Wii and X360 as well, have blurred the line between computer and console. You can install software, connect third-party add-ons (through USB) and in the case of the PS3, you can even install operating systems and use it as a real computer. Heck. It would literaly be a week or two's worth of work to port Amiga OS4 or MorphOS to the PS3 (it uses what amounts to a very souped-up PPC chip, after all) thus turning the PS3 into an Amiga and making it, by definition, a computer :P
Again, both the PS2 and Xbox were there. Fully functional linux enviroments existed for the both of them. Actually, a running kernal and a small enviorment was available for the PSX allready. So, by those definitions, everything is a PC, and not a console i guess?

Amiga = PC
PS2-3, Xbox-360, Wii... = Consoles
But i'm not really certain as to what IS the actuall difference.

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