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Click on "DETAILS" link at the left for overview of all the conversions to other platforms.

So what is better? More colours, greater palette, more resolution, more channels, sampled sound, more fps, more animations? Each to their own - some games only use some of these extra features. And remember the early days of amiga games - usually only games made specifically for a platform use all its strengths (e.g. Defender of The Crown/Arctic Fox). [Ok, these were far more advanced but still did not use everything].

Personally (as the site author of the link I provided), I like the colour palette selection of the amiga version far better. Also, the intro is just great. Not seen the SNES/Megadrive version, but the sounds/music seem to be almost universally panned in comparison. Granted, the play speed of SNES/Megadrive is probably superior, if that's what makes the game for some - but I never really liked the game anyhow.

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