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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Interesting.... In a german Amiga forum the self-proclaimed Natami "spokesman" (BigGun) claimed it would be absolutely no problem to make everything Coldfire compatible. He even claimed it would be absolutely no problem to disassemble the complete Kickstart in a week(!) and add the necessary Coldfire fixes (His words: "I feel sorry for everyone who needs longer than a week to disassemble the Kickstart.").

Once me and other people told him that and why this is nonsense, he left the forum in a rather childish way.

He even placed a bet of 1000 EUR that he can disassemble and fix the Kickstart in a week. Needless to say, once I accepted the bet (well, would have been easily earned 1000EUR ;D) he remained silent.

Interesting that the Coldfire idea is now dropped, I'd like to see what Mr.BigGun has to say about that now.
BigGun's real name is Gunnar von Boehm and he posts to the Natami website quite regularly. He is indeed a member of the team and I didn't say that Coldfire was impossible, only impractical.

IMHO, the only thing keeping the Kickstart from running on the Coldfire is legal issues. Maybe someday it will run on a Coldfire. I personally could care less. The main reason they switched to the 68070 design is that they could add opcodes to it to make tighter integration with the SuperAGA chipset.
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