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Originally Posted by Yotoxionomai View Post
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Its easy, Commodore fired key research personnel, even Jay was put aside by the company and at the end while they fought internal wars that desmembered the company, GFX "stole" amiga tecnology,Sony also used amiga tecnology for its consoles, while PC was growing in the market, when they finally got organized (software/hardware) and started to produce AmigaOne they were backstabed again by IBM that stopped supplying an essencial chip...Now you see...amiga is probably Irish, Irish stories always end bad!
With the current price and demand for PPC´s i dont know why they are not produced, even AmigaOne sould be produced on demand...
I have just to say viva natami, i hope it will be great.
next thread natami vs ps2
ps: a little bit off topic now sorry but it's just for fun
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