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Moon 1969 = amiga 1985

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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
There we go!
Now we all understood it is pointless to compare, specially in the year 2008 :P

So what's the next thread, Amiga vs. Atari ST again? :P
What about Amiga vs. SNES :P
No i think about amiga vs pcengine !
command guys just for fun.
incredible i comeback a day later and so much posts
i come now into the fight (for fun): batllesquadron megadrive, are you joking, listen the amiga music one, is really better. And for a so old chip (1985 first realease amiga 1000) it's a great achievement. Is it jay miner alone who did this gem ? (paula) my ears can't lie.
If yes, just for that a big respect for him .
And for many other things i have a big respect for jay miner
ps: i think they speak too much about bill gates and not enough about jay miner who was surely a true genius Thank you jay to gave us this gem, the amiga

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