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Cyberdruid, the Amiga is NOT capable of "playing FM sounds". What the hell do you mean with "FM sounds"? We are talking about hardware synthesis and the Amiga lacks any sort of synthesizer hardware to "play FM sounds". H

Likewise, even when the MD does NOT lack the ability to play samples, there's no point of comparison. With tweakery on the coding side, it can play very shitty samples (a PSG trying to do DAC is not as high quality as a full blwon 8-bit DAC). But that is still not comparable to having a full blown DAC inside, which is what the Amiga has!! The Commodore 64 could also play samples with programming trickery but that doesn't make it comparable to the Amiga sound!

I am talking about you people comparing two very different things, which makes no sense at all. In the end it just looks like zealotry to defend a platform, when none should be "competing" (it's 2008 by the way)

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
The A500 as we know, has 4 channels of 8bit stereo (processor assisted 14bit)
Sorry, the Amiga has 4 mono channels, hard-panned! If they were stereo, you could pan them from L to R in each chan The final output is "stereo" (hard panned stereo is not proper stereo)
The biggest letdown of the MD is the lack of memory with only 64k for on board registers it hardly had that much room to swing a cat, compared to the A500+ which could at the time have up to 2MB of ram (thats a 16mbit cartridge). (not including processor cards etc)
I don;'t get this point a lot.
The main reason why Amiga didn't get many ports of console games was lack of memory, since the Amiga would need to load all teh graphic data, map data
and more into its RAM after loading it from disk. The Genesis did not have this problem because it used ROM cartridges. Now, where would be the advantage of having system RAM in a cartridge-based system?
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