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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
hey laffer, why not amiga vs megadrive video ?
You should write when the amiga was created and the megradrive before the video.
Because one thing is sure the amiga was really older and wasn't ridiculous and in some way it could still better.
please..don't encourage laffer to do that
the amiga lost in 70-80% of the games that could be compared
anyways laffer is the master of amiga' propaganda....I still remember the video amiga vs pc...he can do

here is a list common games to compare where the megadrive feature better versions

addams family
alien 3
batman returns
brutal paw of fury
chuck rock 1
chuck rock 2
bubba n stix
james pond 3
james pond 2
rolling thunder
mortal kombat 1
mortal kombat 2
cool spot
lion king
golden axe
turrican 3..named megaturrican
shaq fu

but the amiga feature best versions on:

bubble & squeak
desert strike
xenon 2
chaos engine
shadow of the beast 1
shadow of the beast 2
second samurai

*games that are not in the list is because I forget them or it's a draw

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