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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
But it's hard NOT to notice it
Yeah that's right the scene is huge
But you need special hardware to use it (or an emulator of course ).

@Yotoxionomai :
Oh this talk of 'consoles win, because they are cheaper and there is no piracy' lasts about 15 or more years. Still the PC is widely supported by developers and publishers. It's nothing personal, but I can't stand that s**t anymore. The PC game market is worth billions of dollars and I will stay like that in the future. Piracy harmed the market for more than 20 years and there was never a noticible drop in produced games.
But you are right about online games. They are the way of the future.

Okay and for the sound : Does anyone really thinks the MegaDrive sounds better? He must have listened to the best MD music and the worst on the Miggy
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