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Originally Posted by laser View Post
that's not true
the megadrive have 8 audio channels but paula only 4
I love how people compare pears with bananas.

The "Paula" handled 4 channels of digital audio, while the Megadrive has a Z80 for digital audio processing (which sounded like arse) and ANOTHER chip for FM SYNTHESIS., which is the chip most everyone is comparing to. When there's actually no comparison. and some MAD things can be chieved with that FM Synth that you can't do with the Amiga, specially it's good to have in mind this will all be smallish data, since no need is there for samples, making it a brilliant addition to any hardware setuip (why didn't they put an ensoniq FM or wavetable chip in the Amiga, coupled to the Paula?)

Comparing between machines is always rather stupid. Each one can do whatever you want within their limitations. You have to know where to cut down and where to upgrade regarding the machine capabilities. That's why there are very few nice conversions, they use to fuck them up.

Personally, I think a console like the Megadrive has a load of advantages over the Amiga, for one, software loaded from ROM cartridges. The original Amiga concept had a cartridge port for software (remember, it was conceived as a games machine). I wish they would have kept that, Amiga cartridge software would be fucking KILLER.

One last thing: am I the only person who thinks copper-banding is ridiculously UGLY? I always hated those backgrounds.
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