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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post

You have heard of TFMX's 7 channel music yes? You do realise you can do realtime sample mixing to produce 8 channels in other music programs yes?

Oh how wonderful the Megadrive version of Xenon 2 sounded..... not!
yes..but that requires special technology ...was invented by turrican' developers
and that technology not was public domain and not was available for all developers...
xenon 2 is better on the amiga...but it's a rare exception


I remembered another common title : chuck rock 1.....on the amiga you can choice between sound effects or music....on the megadrive you can play with both
aside... this game in general is lot better than the amiga version...more colours ....64 megadrive colours vs 32 amiga colours...the difference is huge

the megadrive version of chuck rock 1 & 2 is lot better than the amiga
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