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Originally Posted by EmuChicken View Post
But to say that theyre RESPONSIBLE for sensi is .... retarded
Totally AGREE !!!... To say they are RESPONSIBLE is IRRESPONSIBLE !!!

Plus Code Masters today are shit!.. They were the best when they were making 8 bit and some okish 16 bit games, but now they are like Atari, just a name label to the same old shitty non-original PC games.

Originally Posted by whiteb View Post
Come on Blade, you should know, thats the level of reporting we come to know and love from News Corp. ( and associates)
Hey Whiteb long time no hear !!.. Actually that reminds me that i need to get onto brad about the next retro gaming convention... You going to be there if it comes about?

Back to the news thing. Yep, its the same level of reporting that we get from most Western media, mediocre and full of bullshit!.
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