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Originally Posted by DJBase View Post
amigakit sells and bundles his GUIs (EasyADF/Easynet) with other third party apps and drivers without licence and now feels pis off and whines when others do the same with his software?

I dont think amigakit gives a toss about the freeware stuff being sold by others, they seem concerned with their EasyADF software/gui, which they have invested some time and money into...

Maybe a bit like the WHDLoad guys. They develop software which can help play re-engineered versions of games which you are sposed to own, they'd be right to be peeved if someone was pirating their keyfiles.

I guess that makes me as bad as the ebay pirates, I'd have maybe 100 legit games and one legit keyfile, but I dont feel one bit of badness downloading KG's game packs for hundreds of games I'll never legitimately own...
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