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this thread, on a forum that, cutting away the nostalgic geekery, thrives on piracy of software (the so called retrogaming) sounds to me as a disgrace.
but please do continue. i need a vocabulary to know how to spell hypocrisy in english.

whenever it comes to you to consider amenities, try this one:
is anybody here depository of any copyright but the guy that has started this thread?
do i care if he hypotetically speaking has - allegedly - stolen the lunch money from a comrade of him, a fact i do not know anything about? it is up to me to judge?

do i have to f*@kin' survey his ethics (of which, again i know and i can know nothing) for 2 pages and counting of this board if he just post a notice describing what's described in post number 1 (which also propose good willed solutions to his customers)?

i really do not know why this thread should stay open, as the notice has been posted and eventual pirated EasyADF software owners here know how to contact Amigakit.
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