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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
How do you know the price for the EasyADF kit isn't just for the adapter itself and the copyrighted EasyADF software?
Still, where is the signed contract allowing distribution for that software in a commercial environment?

Being into software development, you should be more aware of licensing issues, for your own good, Cammy. I hope your games get released with a proper license. This is an important point you might want to revise now. have your demos been released with a license?

There has been some recent case in music which I could draw a parallel on, and it all comes down to licenses, not actually "whio makes money and who doesn't".

Most any freeware software is free to copy and use, and in most cases, free to distribute commercially UPON AGREEMENT FROM THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR.

If agreement has been done, all is well.

This kind of attitude of "let's defend any place that's got Amiga in the name" has driven many Amiga users to doom when trusting Amiga Inc. *spit*
I suggest and advice not to delve into this territory. We should have learned.

In no way I am questioning the benefits of having a shop like amigakit to our disposal, then again, I find a bit cheeky to complain about this.
If there's any piece of software in that pack being made by amigakit, let them shut down the sellers. If it's just a compilation of thirdparty software, what is the difference between me making a disk with all that in it and amigakit? it's alll been released for free and you all assume i can bundle it commercially with hardware.
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