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How do you know the price for the EasyADF kit isn't just for the adapter itself and the copyrighted EasyADF software? Amigakit probably aren't charging a single extra cent for CFD and FAT95, the price is just for their own products, but putting CFD and FAT95 on the disk would still be the only way to access the PCMCIA-CF adapter.

Would you prefer if Amigakit programmed their own versions of CFD and FAT95, and then doubled the price of their product, or continue to sell it using the perfectly usable freeware alternatives, keeping the price of the overall package down?

Then there's the possibility that Amigakit contacted the author of those programs and asked permission to include them with their product. Perhaps Torsten Jager doesn't want any money from those tiny utilities he wrote years ago, I'm sure he has another source of income and might not even feel comfortable getting paid for something now that he's been giving away for free on Aminet for years.

I hope Amigakit finds the pirates and shuts them down. And I think they deserve our support. Heck, if I had more than a cent to my name, I'd be ordering products from them, and I hope they're still around when we finish our Amiga games and need distribution.
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