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Originally Posted by DrewPee70 View Post
my museum will be (hopefully) be more hands on although some of my stuff I wouldn't want a lot of people messing with to be honest.
This is where you could use emulation to great benefit. The problem with running real retro hardware is the fact it will all break down at some point and cost money to repair or find a replacement. If instead the systems were shown running via emulation this would solve that issue as you could just have some cheap PCs serving up the emulated examples of each system.

This was also done at the Video Games Exhibition and worked well.

You could also utilise recent conversion hardware for this. For example it is possible to convert a C64 into a PC keyboard, so you can connect it up to a PC along with working joystick ports to control a PC and with emulation give the feel of the original system. The same is possible for the Amiga, and I expect it is too for many other systems.

Likewise it is quite easy to get hold of USB converters for many retro gaming system controllers, so you can use Megadrive, SNES, NES, N64 etc controllers on a PC, and again with emulation give a good original feel to the gameplay or control of the system in general.
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