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Hello there,

Welcome to the EAB, theres plenty of mischief around here, so when you get your time have a look around this fair board its a great community

I love the idea of a retro-computer museum its a fantastic idea, although there are some in existence already there is sooo much more that could be done, things like
  • special events
    • specialist exhibitions around a particular computer, Acorn / Sinclair
    • Games and thier Art work, Productivity, the theme of the era. movies that featured them
    • Actual physical gaming / events (will warn you all I OWN at 3d death chase on the speky)
  • Time lines of manufactures and what they do now. include some info on the company that made the innards, where they were produced, even pictures of the factories that would be awesome!
  • Recorded interviews of hardware developers / games developers, magazines of the era
  • Perhaps imersion rooms, where one could walk back into 1984 with the computer as the focus.

Okay.... imma starting to dribble at the thought of it.

if there is anything you might wanna look for 8bit-classic 16bit... have a look here
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