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I don't mean to offend the author or anyone else with this, but I have to say I think this response is simply tantrum-chucking of the most childish kind.

I know someone who *this week* attempted to buy a copy of the English version of the Amiga Guru Book on ebay and was out-bid, despite bidding a fairly high amount. It's obvious that the uploading of a scanned copy to some torrent somewhere has done nothing to harm the market for this book.

When Suelette Dreyfus made her book "Underground" available for free download in a variety of formats online, the very first thing I and many many others did was order a printed copy. Just because the text can be downloaded for free doesn't mean that people won't buy a printed copy, just the opposite in Underground's case, in fact. (Many people here may find Underground interesting. Check it out on wikipedia: )

If the new edition of the Amiga Guru Book had been made available, I would have bought it, the downloadability of the old edition would have made no difference to me. So would the person I know who tried to get it on ebay.

The infantile knee-jerk response of canceling the new edition has achieved nothing except depriving innocent amiga-community members of a valuable resource, and depriving the author/publishers sales that they would still have gotten if they had gone ahead.
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