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Today arrived to me the CD SCENE STORM VOLUME 1

Today arrived to me the CD SCENE STORM VOLUME 1it seems very cool

this is the content:

PARTIES - Demos, intros, graphics and music from all the big
scene events of the last few months.
SLIDESHOWS - Superb graphical demonstrations.
DEMOS - All the latest and greatest demos from around the world.
INTROS - Compact but quality examples of skill from scene groups.
MUSIC DISKS - Superb music presented in fine style.
MAGS - Up to date disk mags and charts for your consumption.
CODING - Megs and megs of quality source code for programmers.
AMI EXPRESS - Doors and add ons for your /X Scene BBS.
MODULES - Wicked mods taken from the latest demos for you to listen
to & load into your tracker. Guest artists also featured.
UFO - The UFO Scene in all its mystery.
ASCII - Collections from the famous Ascii-Scene groups to browse
and use on your own BBS.

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