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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The wonderful Torsten Jager, author of CFD & FAT95, released his software with no license at all (Freeware?). I believe that allows people to use them freely in commercial applications.
I checked Aminet and saw indeed that the software doesn't SPECIFY a license.. This doesn't mean it doesn't have one, but it's a big mistake to forget putting this when you release something. Even if you want to allow everyone to use it in whatever way they want, you MUST specify it.

Assuming is NOT the right way to go with licensing issues. Actually, something that doens't say a thing, I would assume, to be safe, that doesn't allow anything except end-user utilization.

Is this person contactable? Would be cool to hear from him, see if he minds, and if he does, amigakit chipping in with a solution
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