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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Termite TCP only supports serial connections.

I wouldnt even bother with Siamese unless there is a specific feature you REALLY need. What do you want it for? An alternative to an RTG gfx card? It really sucks you know.

Miami or Genesis are your only two real choices for ease of use.
I'm really not against something a bit more complicated, I am not scared of commandlines or Amiga scripting, heck, even AREXX :P

I thought Siamese was a nice way to get stuff linked to the amiga like the drives and all that. Also, I could use it all from my PC without touching the Amiga. At times it would be convenient. Not really sure! Seemed always like a pretty cool solution or something cool to try.

In any case it won't hurt to have an optimized TCP/IP stack in there, though I don't even have a network card that works now (never got my wireless one to run ;()
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