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Originally Posted by Smiley View Post
Erm, there will always be rival products.
Photon Paint and Deluxe Paint. Whats wrong with saying one is better than another? What is wrong with criticism?
Those were two COMMERCIALLY RELEASED software back in the day. (Still, one being better than the other, will in the end be just a PERSONAL opinion).

We are in 2008 and the "rivals" is just getting this stuff on your own on the net and doing it yourself. Makes no fucking sense talking about rivalry in theAmiga market of today.

I guess I wouldnt have a problem if they would go like this with their sales pitch:

"Hey you! Yes, you, Amiga fan!
You want to transfer your ADF to your Amiga from the PC? Are you thick as a brick, or lazy, to do the whole pain in the ass effort on your own? Well, we'll do it for you!
We sell you a PCMCIA CF adapter, a CF card, and a disk with CFD and FAT95 in it so you just have to put it into your Amiga and get going. The price for the privilege of being fucking lazy or retarded is XXX"...

This would be much more honest!
Of course I am exaggerating and taking the pisseth, but there are people who DO apreciate stuff being done for them. Sometimes I find myself buying something I could do on my own if I could be arsed but I am not, so... there's no crime in that.

But this talk about "rival products"? Give me a break, Amigakit. Get real.
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