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Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
@Smiley: I've always had MUCH more of an ethical problem pirating the work of small operations like Amigakit than I have pirating the work of bigger software house like M$ or Adobe. People like me (and I suspect there are quite a lot of us out there) say no to piracy quite a bit -- but only vis a vis a those we feel deserve support and/or need our support.

Well said. There have been arguments over whether piracy contributed to the demise of Commodore elsewhere on this board. If it did or not, I can't really say (I suspect it probably did tho). I don't have a machine that would benefit from this software. BUT, if I did, and I was given a choice between a pirate copy or a legit copy, I would gladly pay for the legit copy if for no other reason than to support a market that is getting smaller all the time. Sooner or later there will be no Amiga dealers left.

Just my 2c worth
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