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Originally Posted by Madcrow View Post
No well-coded games for Linux? I guess you don't look very hard if you can't find any... Nexuiz, Warsow and Alien Arena are three great shooters and all three are just as well-supported on Linux as they are on Windows. Flightgear is a friggin' awesome flight simulator. Pingus is just about the only good Lemmings clone ever made. The list of good games (including good code) for Linux just goes on forever.
yes...of course there are exceptions and exlcusive linux games ...but usually the software there is very buggy...
and...the most of Linux users are rare or a bit lunatics...not high IQ
please note that this is not personally for you

btw & out of topic,

The first guy I know that uses linux on internet was a guy called himmie
He was the funder of the famous channel #amiga_warez on galaxynet.. ...1996 maybe
He is still there 24hs/day alone with his linux bots
That bots are insane and are coded to kick,talk and insult ppl and to call the other users lamers, and other stupids things
nobody joins the channel anymore since long time ago.....but he is still there ...I can't believe and I can't understand that insane mind
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