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First adventure I ever played was Larry 1 on a pc-xt with Hercules black/ green screen and I remember the sense of 'freedom of play' it gave me. I really thought I could cruise this whole town and actually live there...after playing rather 'narrow visioned' shmups on the MSX I was stunned by Larry's 'big' world.
Of course, Larry's world was pretty limited, there might be only, say, 30 actual screens in the game

( a way I guess I liked the aspect of this 'limited''s games seems to have a infinite horizon which often leaves me with a very 'lost in space' feeling)

Anyway, I played a lot of these quests during that time. King's quest 3 was a favourite of mine and I remember Police Quest 1 being very frustating, coz you had to drive the police car over a map and this was HARD!
I guess Larry 2: Looking for love was my favourite of that time. Al Lowe rules!

After the Sierra Online period there came these new adventures with a 'point an choose' interface rather than textbased interfaces. This -in a way- narrowed down the freedom of play, but made it far more playable at the same time. The Monkey Island series I remember being favourite, especially this pirate/ carribean theme appealed to me. But the best of best were the incredible LucasArts games --> Day of the Tentacle GREAT!!, Sam & Max WICKED! :laugh
These were truly the first interactive cartoons with strange time & place shifting realities and several nice interwoven storylines..

Nowadays I don't play any adventures anymore. I remember seeing Myst 3 lately and it seemed to me an extremely boring, humourless cliche story...:disgusted

have the real adventures died??!
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