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If an A1200 motherboard would fit, then that would perhaps make a better option, although the backplane would require a rebuild, the front would be easier as a 5/14 IDE rom could be used... also there are some IR keyboard adapters and projects from Aminet for the A1200...

Also the A1200 has a larger (and cheaper) range of options for CPU upgrades as well.

just a thought....

using a CD32 in a CDTV would be cool, alas there would be some problems, like having to build a custom CD loading tray that would work with the existing CDROM of the CD32... that would be a chor to say the least but eminently awesome if you managed it!

I have been planning on making a CD32 into a laptop, I have looked at the signals of the device, but the schematics are non-existent so it would be trial an error and guesstimate, but I believe an ATMega8 interface could run as an interface between a basic IDE optical drive and the CD32, but still thats a few months research alone LOL.
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