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I understand that some users have not used EasyADF - we have many good reviews of the software from users.

Here are the features that EasyADF has over some rival products:

- Minimise EasyADF GUI to a simple appicon on Workbench- then simply drop archives (ADF, ADZ, lha, lzx) onto the appicon and auto-decompress them without running full EasyADF GUI.
- EasyADF auto-mounts RAD disk when you send ADF to this device
- context sensitive pop up help bubbles
- view contents of lha archives in a window with single click
- lha and lzx archive decompression with a few clicks
- perform file operations within EasyADF (delete, rename, information) for floppy disk only users
- view/navigate through disk images on screen, track by track
- keyboard shortcuts for every function
- scalable user interface - works with modern rtg screens, proportional window hacks as well as a basic A600 with wb2.0
- printed documentation
- regular free updates to existing users- coming soon: in built serial cable transfer tools and DMS support

Please remember that customers buy EasyADF and get future updates included

Hope this helps is offline  
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